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The English writer J. R. R. Tolkien is known around the world for his classical high fantasy fictional stories, his most famous work The Lord of the Rings. Which has been made popular because of film director and producers Peter Jackson, through Tolkien’s book in The Lord of the Rings he translated these beautifully written stories, into epic movies. Most importantly the inspiration making the casino slot machines has made gaming more fascinating with the game based on the Lord of the Rings characters, as you can become a character in this incredible fantasy world. The landscape and cinema photography, amazingly take players on a journey into into Tolkien’s world as you play the slot games they become more thrilling and interactive. The adventure of the entire trilogy flows through the casino slot games as a real inspiration to culture.

The top 2 Lord of the Rings slot machine game experiences

The best-known Lord of the rings slot game machines is experienced through International Gaming Technology, their version of the fantasy story and combine slot gaming experience. It has an exciting slot gaming interaction designed for the player experience in mind. With every care in detailed imagery, crafted animation, movie scenes and visual sounds. Keep in mind other slot machines have three reel, this game has 50 pay lines to play. Which means there are better chances of betting and coming up on top of the game.

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On International Gaming Technology slot game version of Lord of the Rings. The slot game machine takes you through many of the incredible location from the film and guides you through the major scenes from the first story, The Fellow ship of the Ring. Players discover as they adventure through parts of Middle earth, which include rolling green hills of Brie Hobbiton, heavenly paradise of Rivendell, the mines of Moria, the haunting weather top and Lothairo. Each time a player unlocks and completes each passage and arrive at each place they receive miles and bonuses for the journey. As the player accumulates additional miles the player is award extra mile points and this gets exciting the longer the player arrives at a new place in their adventure.

To play you must have a 40 cent start as a minimum, however the maximum bet is 5 dollars. The Lord of the rings slot machine has the same gaming rule applied with all of their slots designed by International Gaming Technology.

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When WMS first released its slot machines version of The Lord of the Rings in Las Vegas, it was an instant success in the world of international casinos. It has a well designed layout has one of the most advanced user friendly interactive experiences in terms of slot machines out there. The most impressive part of the slot machine is the realistic animated graphics discovering middle earth. The audio landscape and visual graphics are dreamlike taking the player through stunning landscapes.

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Much like the film the key characters are centered on the hobbits, players travel through the adventures as the story. The main symbol in this game is the precious one ring that these hobbits are caretakers of and which all want to rule. There are eight bonus rounds in total and feature the festive fireworks from Gandalf, the graceful stairway of Galadriel, Isildur’s grand sword and Arwen’s powerful river rescue with the waves of horses. By playing longer you will gain further miles towards your way to the mysterious eye of Mordor. The more miles you take the more bonus points you have.