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The demand for the Lord of the Rings games rose after the release of the blockbuster movies from Peter Jackson. A lot of effort was then put into making slot machines that are affiliated with the film. The game is based on the book written by J.R.R Tolkien, but animation and graphics are based on the movie which was directed by Peter Jackson. The games present a cinematic interpretation of Tolkien’s story and anyone who is a fan of Tolkien’s novels or the Peter Jackson movies should be thrilled by the slot games. Just as the three books in the trilogy earned a lot of publicity, so did the slot games. In the machines, symbols are generally made up of real photos from the movie. The Lord of the Rings book is a recipe and an inspiration for casino slot machines and other popular culture.

Lord of the Rings by IGT

International Gaming Technology replicated the experiences from the movie and created the best known version of the Lord of the Rings slot machine. It is an interactive video slots that incorporates sounds, imagery, video clips and voice overs from the movies to give a feel of them. The five reel slot machine, unlike other slots machines which are three reel, has up to 50 pay lines. You can choose to bet on all 5 throughout the course of the game.


The slot machines depict famous locations from the movie itself and follows the events of the first movie and the first book. Players are taken across different parts of Middle-earth which includes Brie, Rivendell, the Mines of Moira, Amen Hen, Weather top, Hobbitton and Lothario. Starting from Hobbitton, every time they arrive any of these places, they get a bonus round. This bonus rounds will be unlocked as a player completes different miles, since the bonuses are based on a player’s accumulated miles. Each time a player arrives a new place, the will be awarded extra points to motivate them to play longer. To play a Lord of the Rings slot game, you can bet for as low as 40 cents, which is minimum, while the maximum bet is may be as high as $5. The Lord of the Rings slot machine by IGT follows the same rules as other IGT slot machines.

Lord of the Rings by WMS

Lord of the Rings by WMS has been a big hit in the world of casinos. When it first showed up in Vegas, you will have to wait in a long queue to use the slot machines. The slots are terrific and they have added the most sensational bonus features as well as used the latest graphics to depict the Middle-earth saga. Quality is evident here, as both the games and the accessories are awesome. Clips from the movie and the background sounds makes the audio-visual graphics of this game more stunning.


The bonus games are sequential, you will be led through the path of the Hobbits in the story. The scatter symbol in this game is an icon of the One Ring. These Lord of the Rings slots have a total of eight bonus features. They are Gandalf’s fireworks, uruk-hai, Galadriel’s stairway, garden heist, the prancing pony, the balrog, Isildur’s sword and Arwen’s rescue. Playing longer will accumulate you more miles for your journey to Mordor. You will be able to choose more bonus games as your miles continue to build up. A player is allowed to continue their progress from session to session after they create a log-in. The games grants you only two in the beginning, Gandalf’s fireworks and garden heist.